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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ooops, we killed storms again

We began yesterday in Lamar, CO, and we were not in any big hurry to leave.  The other driver (Woody), Bill, and I took the vans to get washed, while the rest of the group had the chance to listen to one of Chuck Doswell's presentations.  This is the Chuck Doswell tour, so we get to pick his brain for the duration of this week.  Anyway, Bill picked his inital target area to be Boise City, OK, and we had a leisurely lunch in Lamar at a Mexican grille.  After lunch, we drove south to Springfield, CO, where we had a quick fuel/pit stop.  A tornado warned storm was occurring near Trinidad, CO, so we blasted west on US 160 to try and catch it.  It did produce a tornado, and live video was posted.  After getting within 25 miles of this storm, it decided to shrivel up into nothing.  So, we turned around and started chasing another storm that was about 10 miles north of Kim, CO.  This one had a very nice base, and it looked promising.  Alas, this newer storm became an HP monster, and we were caught in the outflow.  As we continued east, we saw a quasi-stationary storm just east of Lamar, and there was something suspicious happening under its wall cloud.  Granted, we were 50 miles away, but it looked like a tornado was on the ground.  There were not any chasers who had great position on it, so no one was able to confirm a tornado.  However, the Pueblo NWS office issued a tornado warning for rotation indicated by radar, so it is possible that we did see a tornado.  We blasted north out of Springfield to investigate this matter further, and once again, we killed another storm as we got to within 25 miles of it.  It looked like it wanted to try again, so we headed east out of Lamar, but it shriveled up into nothing.  At this point, we were out of position for the storms going up near Spearman, TX, so we hoped for a miracle.  Needless to say, we struck out.  To end the chase day, we enjoyed a nice sunset south of Hugoton, KS.  The moral of the story is to be patient and stick with your guns.  Don't get suckered by storms that look good and are far away!  We ended up in Guymon, OK after driving 410 miles.

Sunset near Hugoton, KS

Just messing around with my camera


  1. Dennis and I tracked your positions/towns on our road atlas. Interesting where you've been.
    Good luck for future chasing. Do you have another week?

  2. Nope, this is my only week this year. It's probably a good thing, because I am exhausted!