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Monday, June 12, 2017

June 5 storms near Chugwater, WY and Lusk, WY

East of Chugwater, WY
East of Chugwater, WY
North of Lusk, WY
We began the day in Denver after driving 347 miles the previous day.  After meeting the guests and giving them the orientation, we headed north towards our target area of Lusk, WY.  Despite the pitiful weather pattern, Bill was confident that we would get a strong storm or two near the target area.  After a quick lunch stop in Wellington, CO, we continued north to Chugwater, WY.  We decided to head east to investigate a cell that was looking healthy.  It exhibited signs of rotation, and the radar indicated some strong rotation within the storm.  As we pulled off the road to watch it, a friendly dog came up and tried to get in the vans.  We felt bad as we drove off to stay ahead of the storm, but that's life.  Anyway, our storm eventually fizzled, but there was new development to our north near Rapid City, SD.  We headed north into Torrington, WY, where we had another pit stop, and then we blasted north.  As we approached Lusk, Bill decided to head north out of town and find a good vantage point.  He found rooms for us in Alliance, NE, so he was not too gung-ho about going too far north.  We waited around for about 30 minutes, and then we headed back into Lusk for another pit stop.  After the pit stop, we drove east on US 20 toward Chadron, NE, where we watched the lightning for a bit.  We turned on Deadhorse Road, and we figured we would not have to worry about cars.  As it turned out, it was a well-traveled road.  We packed up and drove south out of Chadron and found another place to pull over.  Not only was the lightning better, there were also no cars to worry about!!  In the end, it was an exciting start to the tour, and we drove 435 miles.

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