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Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 6 reposition day/Mt. Rushmore

We began the day in Steele, ND, and the only good area for severe weather was in central WI.  This posed a problem for two reasons.  First, that area is known for its hills and trees, which means poor terrain for chasing. Second, we needed to have the guests back in Denver on July 8.  In addition, the tornado potential was not that great, so we blew it off and used today as a day to get repositioned for tomorrow, which looked promising.  The guests wanted to visit Mt. Rushmore, so we started driving in that direction.  That being said, we headed west on I-94 until we reached the exit for Gladstone, ND.  Along the way, we enjoyed lunch in Hebron, ND, at The Wagon Wheel Cafe.  After lunch, we continued into Gladstone, where we dropped south on the Enchanted Highway into Regent, ND.  The Enchanted Highway is a 32 mile highway that features the world's largest collection of scrap sheet metal sculptures.  Out of Regent, we continued west on ND 21 and turned south on ND 22.  We followed ND 22 south until we reached US 12, and we headed west into Reeder, ND.  Next, we continued south on ND 22 into SD, where the road turned into SD 79.  We followed SD 79 into Newell, SD, where we had a much needed pit stop.  There was a whole lot of nothing until this point, so we were very happy to get out of the van for a bit.  After our pit stop, we continued south into Sturgis, SD, and we drove through downtown to see the different stores.  We jumped on I-90 east towards Rapid City, SD.  From Rapid City, we continued south into Mt. Rushmore.  We spent an hour touring the monument, and then we continued south into Hot Springs, SD for the night.  Our total mileage for the day was 460 miles.

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  1. I don't remember seeing the kid with lolly pop on Enchanted Hwy. My fave was the fish. Sounds like you got in the Dakota tour.